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Tanto Knife

With so many knife blades available on the market today, many are wondering what is the best and most precise blade that serves a multitude of purposes. The Tanto style has been around for centuries and many find that it’s an ideal knife that not only look incredible, but has a structure and build that many have tried to replicate over the years. We are going to walk you through why this particular knife, is a must have for any collector and anyone looking to get into collecting.

 tanto blade

What is a Tanto Blade Knife?


This piece became popular during the 70s and 80s. It’s designed by a company called Cold Steel and was inspired by the craftsmanship and the design of the Japanese blades that were very popular during that time. Renowned for power and strength as well as quality, these products are very functional and durable.

The blade of this particular model is between six and 12 inches depending on the particular style purchased. The Tanto knives of today are actually smaller than those that were originally designed in the 10th century. Cleary, They aren’t anything new on the market, they have, however, found a new surge in popularity amongst collectors and enthusiasts.


The History of the Tonto Blade


Tanto knives date back to the early 10th century where they were used as weapons for warriors. The design, style, and structure of the knife have changed a bit since then. It was originally a short sword that was ideally suited to stab and slash. This has remained consistent as the designs changed, however, the blade itself is now larger than the original construction in the 10th century.

The blades can actually vary in size from six to 12 inches in length. They are available in either a single edge or a double-edged knife providing a different array of uses. This style boasts a sharp pointed end that is well-suited for jabbing or stabbing someone in combat, but also provides excellent tactical advantage when hunting. In Japan, owning a Tanto was a necessity. Warriors would gain power with their knives just as the Katana or samurai sword was a must have weapon for any warrior.

Samurai warriors would frequently carry a one of these as their backup weapon. If they lost their katana or their samurai, they still had this incredible versatile dagger tucked away in their clothing so that they would have a form of defense against an enemy.

The Samurai would have this knife stashed in his clothes or on his person and would utilize it if for some reason someone disarmed him of his katana or samurai sword. The knife would make quick work of the fight and typically the Samurai would emerge the winner of such a battle.

As the years passed and people became more familiar with the blade, many artisans began to specialize in the intricate designs that are found on the hilts of such knives today. These weren’t only functional, they were also very decorative. Artisans took great pride in their work and would fashion intricate designs of scenarios and other events that would make the hilts unique and one of a kind.

japanese knife in leather case

Special orders were frequently made for intricately designed and detailed hilts of the Tanto knife. Artisans would design and create them to order and they had a thriving business for many decades as artisans making them.

Unfortunately, by the 15th century, there was more military conflict and social upheaval and the Warring States period began. This would have a negative impact on the item and it was now produced in mass production which meant that the special artisans who had once designed the beautiful intricate designs, were no longer in business.

Mass production put them out of a job and the newer knives lost their artistic appeal although they did retain the value of the blade and purpose of the knife. The size and shapes of the end products were gradually compromised and no longer could people find the fancier designs that were once so coveted amongst warriors.

As Japan began to settle down, there was little need for weapons so the production of the Tanto began to suffer. They became more difficult to find and then the mass productions were dwindled down to mere copies of the previous styles and designs of the more beloved and famous predecessors. No longer were they made as one of a kind and they were falling out of favor.

Knife collectors still coveted the intricate designs and were willing to pay top dollar for a speciality carved knife from an artisan. However, the mass-produced knives went down in price and would eventually become more popular with survivalists.

Today, they are again mass produced however, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a quality model in lieu of a replica that isn’t functional. Today’s Tanto knives come to a variety of shapes and sizes and some can even be folded to a compact carry form.


What Can Tanto Knives Be Used For?


The seven-inch blade is made of carbon steel and has a hard spring temper ground to a razor sharp edge. It’s ideal for a variety of uses. Here are a few of their more common uses although this list is ever changing and someone is always finding new uses for it.

Collectors covet these knives since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many people have several of them in different sizes for different purposes.

They are ideal for hunters and fishermen. They can skin or clean an animal/fish in short order and provide a clean cut with their clean sharp edge, Filet the fish with ease with this sharp excellent quality blade. You won’t have to worry about missing any bones when you choose this for your filet knife.

They’re ideal to have on hand for any situation where you would use a knife. From cooking in the kitchen to surviving in the woods, this is an ideal product for a vast majority of everyday tasks that you may be undertaking. You can easily cut meat with and make short work of chopping up the vegetables for dinner. This knife will remain sharp and it’s really easy to clean and disinfect after prolonged use.

As a survival knife, this rust-resistant finish will add to the longevity of the overall design as well as provide a good strong finish that will withstand a variety of uses. From securing your campsite to chipping some wood for kindling, you’ll appreciate having several of these on hand for your next emergency situation. You’ll probably even find some uses for the knife that you didn’t start out to use it on but found that it was a great way to do something.

knife wood grain handle

As a throwing knife, the build is perfect. It’s well balanced from handle to blade which provides a product that can be thrown with complete ease and with impressive accuracy. It can readily convert into a spear or even a war club if you remove the handle and lash it to a long shaft. If you’re tired of searching for a well balanced throwing knife, this is the product for you.

Many purchase several of the Tanto to use as throwing knives. They’re so well weighted that you’ll find you can throw from handle or blade and easily make your target. Ideal as practice throwing weapons or for the professional.

Meat cutters also love this style of blade. It remains sharp through entire butchering projects. You won’t have to keep stopping to sharpen it when you’re using this knife on the job. Butchers take their knives very seriously and this is ideal as a gift for a new butcher or for someone who loves to hunt and butchers their own meat.

Perfectly suited for woodworkers and those who are learning to use tools with wood. This quality durable knife will last for a long time and will withstand the pressure and use of a woodworker. Ideally suited for a variety of purposes to make fine corners and intricate woodworking patterns. With a razor sharp finish and a sharp point, there are many ideal techniques in woodworking that this knife is well-suited for.

Today, there has been a rekindling of collecting these beauties. With crime rates soaring, more people are beginning to wear them to protect themselves and they are again in vogue. Many are ordering more than one and stashing them in such places as their vehicles, at work in a drawer, in a purse, in pockets, and in their survival gear for emergency situations.

Since they are available in so many different styles and shapes they’re an ideal addition to anyone’s collection and they make an ideal personal weapon for anyone who is in fear of their life. Smaller sizes are easily concealed and held in the palm of the hand whilst walking and will provide the user with plenty of personal protection.

Materials The Tanto Knife Is Made Of


The overall finish is made up of 1055 carbon steel and has a spring temper and a black rust-resistant finish. It offers a unique quillon guard and a polypropylene handle.


Overall Thoughts


If you’re looking for the ideal solution that you can use for hunting, fishing, as a survivalist knife, in the kitchen, and as an all around for everything, this is an ideal option. There are so many great uses for this that it’s hard to list them all. It’s a perfect tactical tool that can be used in a variety of ways.

Ideal as a beginners choice or for the pros. Ideal for throwing, or hanging on the wall, this is the perfect option to have on hand. Many people fall in love with the ease in which this knife can be used and have several different types in their gear.

They remain sharp for a long time and are easy to sharpen when you need to. The handle is easy to grip or if you prefer you can easily wrap it with leather or paracord to make it easier to hold or identify as yours. To us here at paul knife, this is one of the best products on the market today.

Overall, this is an affordable top rated tool that has gained many kudos from users young and old alike. Many people order one and love it so much that they order another or they order a few for gifts. Since these are so affordable, it’s an easy way to find the ideal Holiday gift for anyone.

Tanto knives are a great value, well designed and built, and will last for many years to come. If you’ve never tried one, you’re going to love it and if you have tried it, you’ll likely be back for more to add to your collection. This is a must-have for anyone who works outdoors or uses knives often.

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