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Kunai Knife

Everything You Need To Know About The Kunai Knife


Have you always been enthralled about living in the wild like a ninja with nothing but a knife as your survival weapon? Or, do you often practice knife throwing in your backyard for recreational purposes? If yes, then you must work with knives that are meant for such use. A simple kitchen knife or ones that are used to cut ropes wouldn’t do the job. The fittest product for knife-throwing or someone who wants to go on a hiking tour without much of a luggage is the kunai knife. Want to know more about this unique weapon? Let’s get on to it right away.


black stained knife

What is a kunai knife?


Kunai is originally a Japanese tool that was used in the Tensho Era of Japan while farming. It looks much like the trowel but is shorter and much sharper. If you follow martial arts quite closely, you will notice that they use various props while practicing. One of these props is the kunai. It is a very small and sharp blade that can cut the throat of a person if thrown accurately. However, you must not use this tool for any harmful purposes.

The small handle comes with a three-finger grip to allow the user to grip the knife easily. Modern kunai knives have become far more advanced than the ones that were used a few decades ago.

There are numerous throwing competitions that take place every year and the preferred choice of the participants has always been the kunai. The blade of this beauty is quite heavy and the handle is comparatively lighter. This helps to grip the item better and use it for whatever purpose you are using it for. Before moving on to more of the details, let’s take a look at how and where this knife originated and how it was used earlier.


A brief history


The history goes back to the period between 1573 and 1592 during the Tensho Era of Japan. During that time, there were no ninjas and people didn’t even think of using this for knife throwing or for any other purposes.

It was strictly used for smashing wood, prying, digging in the forest and cutting through leaves. In fact, when kunai knives first came into the picture, they did not even have the sharpness they have these days. It was just an unsharpened blade of iron that resembled the leaf of a tree and there was a handle to hold the knife.

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It was much later that people started using the kunai knife more in their daily activities because it was small and could be carried easily. After some time, there came two different variations of the kunai and different purposes; one that was big and could be used for cutting and turning crops. It was often used as a hand shovel more than anything else. The other one, which was the traditional kunai was small in size and was used more in the forests to cut down roots and cut open small animals like rabbits.

With time, the size of the kunai knife increased slightly when the ninjas started using them. Their knives were slightly bigger than the ones used by the ancient farmers. This allowed them to hold the knife better. They have also become increasingly popular over the years to to anime shows such as naruto shinning new light onto this amazing specialty weapon.


Why this makes an excellent throwing knife?


Maintaining the balance of the knife is really important when it comes to throwing. Once you have identified the kunai as your primary weapon for this game, you will not want to use any other knife. The kunai knives that are used for throwing are long, hard and easy to control. You get a set of three that come with the perfect balance to give you the most accurate throw.

For those who are learning their tricks or making their way into knife throwing are recommended to use kunai knives because of their amazing balance. It is the stepping stone for everyone who wants to become an expert at this sport.

The blades are generally about 12 inches long which is just the ideal size for users. If you are buying them online, try to buy the ones that weight around 12 oz. This is the perfect for any beginner as you can use your fingers to meander around the handle quite easily. Another reason why they are excellent for throwing is that of the slow spin. This gives you full control and will make it much easier to adapt to the sport as you are trying to gain your experience and master the art .

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The body of the kunai knives has a strong build. They are quite heavy so that they can stick to the target easily. Since you will be using these separate ones for throwing purposes, you can buy the ones that are slightly on the heavier side. This will allow you to throw them from a distance and you will still have the chance to hit the target. The interesting thing about them is their simple shape.

The blade has gone through various modifications since it was first used in 1573. Nowadays, the blades have a rather triangular shape and not the traditional leaf shave. The long pointed end is specially designed for throwing.

If you are wondering which quality would be best for knife throwing, then you can completely rely on stainless. They are meant for knife throwing and most of these styles of blades come with cord-wrapped handles that give you a superior grip while throwing. To maintain the look of the traditional kunai, there is a hole at the end of the handle. It makes the entire set look really cool.


Suitable users of the kunai knife


From farmers to professional throwers, the journey of the kunai knife has been amazing. Gone are the days when they were used in the fields to cut down crops. Nowadays, the sole purpose of the ancient blade is for throwing. Annual knife throwing competitions see hundreds of participants from all over the world gather together with some of the most eye-drooling knives ever. Most of thesm are kunai knives that have different designs and lengths.

Apart from the sport of throwing, kunai knives are used by the ninjas too. Oddly enough, the hole at the end of the weapon is used to tie a rope or a string and hang it by the belt of the ninja. You will have to see an entire martial arts course to find out how the kunai knife is used by them in their field. In addition to ninjas, this knife can also be your best friend when you go hiking.

As mentioned earlier, they are really helpful to cut softwood and roots. You can dig up holes to set up your tent or maybe catch a rabbit and skin it and have a sumptuous meal.


Bottom line


There is no doubt that kunai knives are here to stay, especially when they have such a huge response from the knife throwing enthusiasts. If you have wanted to learn martial arts or have a genuine knack towards the sport of blade throwing, get a set of these babies and you would not want to give them up any time soon. However, always be safe while using these knives as they are sharp. We personally recommend these to anyone looking to have a more traditional, japanese set of blades.

Get professional assistance from trained throwers so that you wouldn’t harm anyone. Other than that, having a set will never let you down, especially if you are a wanderer in the forest.

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